Denise Knitting Needles Reviewed

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Manufactured in Virgina, Denise is the inventor of the original interchangeable circular needle set (which was later bought by Boye and rebranded ‘The Needlemaster’). A few years later, Denise sought to improve upon the original screw-in connection with a more secure locking mechanism, and switched to molded plastic resin instead of anodized aluminum, which had a tendency to gradually wear off. Since then, the brightly-colored and affordable interchangeable needles have become a staple of many knitters.

Colorful, lightweight interchangeable needles

The lightweight Denise needles connect and disconnect with a quick quarter twist (no key!) and have thick plastic cables. The round-tipped needles are smoother than wood or bamboo needles, though not as slick as a metal needle, and warm with use, which is important for knitters with hand or joint pain. They have just enough grab as to be slightly uncomfortable for very tight knitters.

The Denise cables are much thicker than those of other needle manufacturers, about the diameter of a size US5 needle (the smallest size Denise makes), so stitches don’t slide as easily over the cable as other brands. The cables also have a lot of memory and stay kinked or coiled in the shape of the box or whatever they are stored in. Relaxing the cables in hot water does help.

A sharper tip for a classic set

Denise recently came out with a set of sharper, shorter tips (2.75” for US5-US10 and 3.25” for US10½-US15) perfect for smaller projects and patterns with lace or cables. Though sharper than other Denise needles, the connections are the same interchangeable style, allowing knitters to mix and match with the original set. Because all Denise tips are made of a plastic resin, they have a small amount of flex you won’t find in metal or wood tips, improving comfort on smaller projects or for knitters who knit tightly. If you’re interested in a sharply-tipped knitting needle, check out our guide to the sharpest knitting needles.

For Tunsian knitters or knitters who also crochet, Denise crochet hooks also snap into place with the needle cables. Denise knitting needle sets come in compact metal or roll-up fabric cases and are a favorite of long-time knitters. Like other well-loved knitting needle brands, Denise has a lifetime guarantee against defects.