About Us

Who we are

The Knitting Needle Guide is run by experienced knitters and writers without sponsorship from any brands or distributors. In the vein of The Wirecutter and Consumer Reports, we work to uphold the same professional standards and maintain complete editorial independence from our business operations. Our editors write and test knitting tools with total editorial autonomy; we select our favorites without affiliate relationships in mind, and our product recommendations are made without concern to advertising or compensation. We do not accept free products or product samples, and any purchases we made are done so anonymously and without discount. We commit to maintaining high standards of quality and ethical writing for the readers of The Knitting Needle Guide.

How you can help

You support this site and our efforts simply by reading about the tools we evaluate and purchasing them through the affiliate buttons links on our guide pages. Unlike the afore-mentioned leaders in the review industry (who we admire and strive to follow in journalistic style), we focus exclusively on tools for knitting, allowing us to develop a keen understanding of the availability and quality of tools for knitters. Our writers take their time researching, evaluating and testing the knitting tools we describe on this site. Frequently an article will require a dozen or more hours of work. When our readers choose to buy a tool we recommend via the buy links on our site, that work is usually supported via an affiliate commission from the retailer, in this case, Amazon.

We believe the convenience of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, the site’s aggressively competitive pricing, and the company’s reputation for excellent customer service make it one of the most savvy places to shop. Alternatively, you can support The Knitting Needle Guide by shopping Amazon directly through this link. If you’ve never had an Amazon Prime account before, this referral link will get you a 30-day free trial. We may set up further affiliate relationships in the future, provided they meet the same ethical standards. If you’d like to know why we think affiliate links are the best way to support the site, check out The Wirecutter’s policy on affiliate links and conflicts of interest here. We think they have the right idea.

On Advertising

We also augment these affiliate commissions through a small amount of advertising via Google AdSense. We hope these ads are unintrusive, but if you find you are discomforted by an ad experience on this site, please let us know. Similarly, get in touch if you would like to provide quality, unobtrusive advertising that is reasonably related to knitting interests.